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When you hire a nanny always plan for activities for Nanny and Kids to Do together. After all, when we hire a nanny we hope that she will help the child develop emotionally, physically and cognitively. And the child should be happy in her company and want to be with her. After all the two spend a lot of time together. But, the nanny herself may not be capable of ensuring a well-rounded development unless she is trained for it. It would help if we talk to the nanny and tell her in simple words that we expect her to bond and spend quality time with the child, and not just hold the child in the lap without really interacting with her/him.

  • Train her into some fun activities, which you would have indulged in if you had the time. Choose activities that will help the little ones develop in every aspect. These could be in the form of building blocks, puzzles, read aloud books. Train the nanny in safety while using the blocks or puzzles so that the child does not get hurt. And choose games that are appropriate for their age. Try and hire someone who is educated enough to read out simple books to the child.
  • Set a time for the nanny to visit the park or other open spaces where there are other people around. This helps in many ways: The child gets fresh air, becomes social by interacting with other kids, uses a lot of energy and sleeps well, and gets the daily dose of Vitamin D !. But, ensure that the nanny understands the importance of safety when out of the home. To get some training for the nanny on mobile, you can visit the Helper4U Youtube channel, and share some relevant training videos with her.
  • If the child is a little older and enjoys reading then it would pay to find a library nearby and set a day for a library visit. Many places also hold programs for kids like storytelling/art and craft etc. Sign up for those. Train your nanny to travel alone in a cab or auto to nearby places. But, obviously, these should be done after taking permission from you. There should be absolutely no stepping out of the house without your permission.
  • The nanny can train the child in table manners and include them in tidying up after playing or eating and similar day to day activities. Don’t think cleaning up is her duty so she should do them. If she can train your child to take care of herself/himself, that would be a big boon for you in days to come. Besides the child would become self-sufficient.
  • Get the nanny started on some craft idea with the child, like collecting flowers to dry, collecting leaves for a scrapbook, finger painting or using clay for modeling. The dried up things can be used to make greeting cards too. Crafts enable kids to develop their motor skills and creativity. Teach the nanny how to do all this correctly and safely and watch the child having lots of fun while growing up.
  • While too much TV is not advisable, some time can be spent daily in front of the TV. Make a list of suitable TV programs and timings for the child. Again, reach a consensus that TV should be watched for a limited time, as agreed upon. Television is often used by caretakers to engage the ward, and get free time for themselves. This free time will be inadvertently used on phone or to sleep, both of which means the child will be left unsupervised. So, restrict TV viewing time, and set a time table for that. The child will anyways not demand TV if kept occupied otherwise.
  • AT the end, do factor in some unstructured, unplanned time when the child can do whatever she/he wants to do. This is the time the children internalize what they have learned. Do not have a time table for each and every minute of the child’s life. Even in this time, the nanny should be around keeping a watch on the child.
Training the nanny in all this will also ensure that she is actively engaged with the child, and is not just a silent observer. It will have the additional benefit of keeping her occupied so that she does not keep the TV or phone on. Having useless soap operas running through the day can be a big issue in the development of a child.
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