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Hire verified Babysitter

Hire Verified Experienced Babysitter/Nanny

Planning on hiring a Nanny? Make sure you take due care because she is going to be in your house, when you are not around.  A babysitter, Nanny or japa maid is an important person in our lives: More than an employee, since they are going to take care of the most precious person in your lives.  So, the task for making the right choice when you start the process of hiring a nanny can be a tough one.

We at Helper4U have been in the business of matching nannies with employers, and enabling them to hire nanny who will be the best for their child, for 5 years now. Along the way we have picked up some tools which help us screen the right caregivers for you. Here are the 4 top tips to help you take a safe decision when hiring a babysitter, nanny, japa maid or caregiver for your child.

1 Review Candidate’s Reference Checks
Check references of maid, nanny, driver

Checking References is a simple yet effective way to hire well

Ask the nanny for references from previous employers, or their training center, if they are trained. They can also get you to reference from their landlords or friends who work in the same area. Online portals do these checks as an add on service, so if you plan to hire nanny from portals like, you can always ask them to check for references and talk to them. Alternatively, you can yourself get the references and talk to them.

What to ask the Referenced Person:

You can ask the referenced person how long they have known the candidate, how they hired the nanny, would they hire the person again if needed, and what all work the Helper did in their employment.

2. Verification
Verify helpers at Helper4U

Always Verify your Domestic Helper

Whether you are hiring a nanny through an agency, an online portal like or or-through reference of your neighbour or another Helper, always conduct your own verification check on the person. Search the web, or FB with their name (ask them if they have a FB account). If you find them on FB, check their posts, friends etc to ensure there is no criminal tendency lurking in the
background. Use caller ID apps and finally, do a criminal background check on the person you are hiring. It is important to also check the address they give to ensure that they actually live there. This will act as a deterrent and also come handy in case anything untoward happens.

Safety should be the top feature in any hiring checklist. You can download an E book here to understand the need and process of these verification here.  Police or criminal Verification now available through online portals in return for a nominal fees. You only have to fill in a small form, and the verification gets done for you. Reports are usually shared between 2-10 days, depending upon the check requested.

To get Document,  Address or Criminal Background check of the nanny you are hiring, you can also check our verification services here.

3. Ask about Health and Substance Abuse
Paan Gutka

Make sure the Nanny does not use Paan, Gutka, Cigarette, drugs etc

When you interview your potential babysitter, ask whether they smoke, or
are addicted to anything like gutka, paan, bidi etc. You do not want your child to
be taken care of by a person addicted to anything, and passing on some disease or
bad habits to the child.

Also, consider requesting a heath check up on the nanny, especially TB test, before they start work with you. You will need to pay for it, but it is worth the money spent since India has the most cases of TB in the world, and it is a communicable disease that spreads through air to air contact. The test and diagnosis is very simple, and is done across most government hospitals, as well as private clinics. Even the treatment is easy, and free across all government hospitals.

4. Interview well
Interview Questions for Hiring Helpers

Interview Well to Hire Well

When you interview always ask about family, marriage, kids, hobbies,
education, etc. These questions give you an insight into the kind of family the person belongs to.

While asking questions, trust your gut feeling. If you feel unsure, probe further and ask follow-up questions. It is a good practice to have a trial day or two so that the candidate spends some time performing the duties. You can observe not only their work but also how they interact with the child. If you are uncomfortable about something, there must be a reason, so trust your instincts. Better to hire late than be sorry later.

If you are hiring a babysitter, japa maid or nanny do check out the Nannies on All our candidates are Aadhar and Identity verified. A criminal background check, and Address Check is done when you close hiring.  We can also conduct interviews on your behalf, and help you with contract creation etc.

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