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Helper4U.in is a new concept in the hiring of unskilled or semi-skilled Helpers. We use technology to connect the Job Giver for ABCDE: Aaya, Bai, Cook, Driver, and everyone similar, with suitable Job Seekers in their locality. This does away with the need of any agency or middleman for the Job Seeker as well as Giver. By providing hyperlocal opportunities, we are also enabling “mobility by choice rather than migration by force” for the poor, uneducated Job Seekers.

Meenakshi Gupta Jain

CEO, Helper4u

“We started in July 2014, with one simple objective:
Enable Employers of ABCDE hire better, while helping Job Seekers at the bottom of the economic pyramid get better job opportunities, with respect & without any physical or financial exploitation.”

Visit the LinkedIn profiles of the founders here:
Meenakshi Gupta Jain & Punit Jain

To get ABCDE onto a digital platform & to keep their data updated has been a tough call, given their economic and education backgrounds. But, this is imperative to ensure a smooth & successful hiring experience, while also allowing the Job Seeker & Giver complete control over the whole process.

Helper4U Team has a simple mandate:

  • Use technology to constantly weed out junk profiles

  • Maximise ease of matchmaking & connect through user friendly processes

  • Minimise third party intervention to avoid exploitation of either side

Most customers find our service Cost effective as there is no middleman, Immediate as they can connect directly with the Job Seeker & Trust worthy as Job Seekers pro-actively register for jobs. Further, Job Seekers can avail of the verification services, at click of a button.

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  • We would also like to make an earnest request:

    If you know of a Helper looking for a job, register them here. Two minutes of your time may get them better livelihood.

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