Agency FAQs

Agency FAQs

FAQs for Agencies

You can benefit from the vast online reach of and showcase your agency and your candidates, without needing to maintain your own website. People will be able to search for you and finds your much better.
Employers always like to get a feel of the kind of candidates you can offer. So, you can showcase your start candidates to get the employers interested in your agency.

No. Since the candidates will be hired through you, the employers will call you on the number you want.

That is up to you. We don’t interfere in any negotiations between you and the employer.

You will be responsible for all interactions between you, employer and helper or Job Seeker. We are in no way responsible for any of that.

There are no fees to partner us. You will only pay us depending upon your use of the site. Check out the Pricing here.

The first step is for you to create an Agency account . On approval you will get a login ID, as well as a unique registration link. Now you can upload in the following ways:

  • 1. If you are connected to the Internet:
    • a. Login to your dashboard, go to “Profiles Uploaded By Us”, and “Upload new profile”
    • b. Use your unique registration link in your browser on computer or phone. It will open up a registration form. Fill it in and it will get synced with your account
  • 2. If you are not connected to the Internet you will download our Offline registration app and register candidates using the app. Whenever you connect with the Internet all the data in the app will get synced to your account

Yes, you can edit the profiles of your candidates from “My Page”, after you login.

Yes, we will train you on how to make the most of the website.


If you are interested in the partnership, please contact us on for more details, and we can talk.

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