Affiliate FAQs

Affiliate FAQs

FAQs for Affiliates

Anyone who has (or can get) recent database of Maids, Drivers, Patient Care staff looking for jobs can become an Affiliate Partner. Even housewives who think they can register the Helpers in their society or locality can become a partner and work from home.

No. We do not believe in charging you if you are not going to earn. If we earn money we simply share it with our partners.

You can earn in either of the following two ways:

  • 1. We pay you per verified data that you upload
  • OR
  • 2. You get 40% of the revenue we earn from candidates uploaded by you

We charge employers to for the contact details of the candidates or Job Seekers they like.

It seems to be a small amount, but multiple employers can pay for the same candiadet. So, it becomes big.

You can check out the details on ‘My Account”. Every time your uploaded candidate is paid for you will receive an update here.
We are totally transparent in all our financial dealings.

The first step is for you to create affiliate account. On approval You will get a login ID, as well as a unique registration link. Now you can upload in the following ways:
We are totally transparent in all our financial dealings.

Yes, you can edit the profiles of your candidates from “My Page”, after you login.

The process is simple:

  • Step 1: Employers check out profiles of Helpers as per their requirement, in your locality on
  • Step 2: Employers Show Interest in a Helper profile
  • Step 3: We check with the Helper if she/he is available
  • Step 4: We inform you if the Helper is available
  • Step 5: Employers decide whom to call, pay a nominal charge to get their contact details and connect with them directly

No Agency fees or commission is paid to us on any hiring.


If you are interested in the partnership, please contact us on for more details, and we can talk.


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