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Hiring, Interviewing, Verification, Training

Hiring of Helpers

Your Need: Hiring of Maid, Cook, Nanny, Driver, Office Helper

How to use Helper4U: Check database of Verified Helpers. Use search filters for location, work, gender, work timing etc. Get details of matching Helpers, interview them & hire the ones you like.

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Assisstant for Helper Interviews

Your Need: Assistance for staff Interviews

How to use Helper4U: Share your detailed requirements and candidate list with us. We interview candidates basis your requirements and share the report with you. You can then select the ones you like.

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Criminal Background Check

Your Need: Police or Criminal Background Check of Staff for your safety

How Helper4U Helps: Fill a form with details of Helper you need to verify. We'll check database across Indian courts for any FIR filed against them: More trustworthy than police verification as the latter checks data only in the jurisdiction of a particular police station.

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Address Verification

Your Need: Visit to the address given by a Helper to verify it for your safety

How Helper4U Helps: Fill a form with address details of your Helper. We'll send our team member to visit the address, verify that the person indeed lived there in recent past, and is known to neighbours. Report is shared in maximum 10 days

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Document Validation

Your Need: Validation of Aadhar, PAN, Driving License

How Helper4U Helps: Fill a form with details of document to be validated. We will check whether the document is genuine, and indeed belongs to the person. The validation gives back different data for different documents, as per government regulations

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Online Resume Maker

Your Need: Make an impressive Resume

How to use Helper4U: Use our Resume Builder. Fill the form online. Upload your picture. Your resume gets created in a beautiful format and you can download it to send to anyone.

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Advertising Your Job

Your Need: Find better candidates for single or bulk hiring for office of home

How Helper4U Helps: Post A Job on the website with basic details of your requirements. We will advertise it to Jobseekers in your target location so that you get applications from applicants looking for similar job in that area.

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Training of Staff

Your Need: Training of Domestic and Office Helpers

How Helper4U Helps: Tell us your requirements. Our Instructional Designers will create customised training module for you, keeping in mind the trainee profile and end objective of the training. The training can be conducted online as well as in class, in English or Hindi.

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